The transfer to and from hunting or fishing area is mainly by air. All international flights arrives at Buenos Aires International Airport (Ezeiza) where our staff will meet with clients and be responsible for ground transportation to other airports if necessary. Domestic flights in Argentina may be commercial or charter flights, both cases we will there to assist our clients in reserves and necessary details.

1) Villa Hermosa service includes:
a) Clients reception at Ezeiza international Airpot.
b) If necessary, ground transportation to another airport where domestic flights or charter land out to the hunting or fishing areas.
c) Reception of clients in the hunting or fishing areas near airports.
d) Ground transfers from airports to the hunting or fishing areas.
e) All transfers between and within our hunting and fishing areas.

2) Not included in Villa Hermosa services:
a) Cost of international or domestic flights.

The accommodation is generally in the area of ​​hunting or fishing. We offer our clients excellent facilities, food and wine along with an unforgettable hunting or fishing.

1) Included in Villa Hermosa's daily rates:
a) Our customers will have comfort in our spacious double rooms with private bathroom, hot water, electricity, laundry and room service. They also have TV, internet and satellite phone. You can play table games like cards, chess, dice. Darts and pool are also available for our customers.
b) All meals. The four main meals (breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner) will be based on dishes from Argentina among which we include the "hunted in the day."
c) All drinks. Soft drinks, wine, champagne, whiskey, gin, vodka, etc.

2) NOT included in Villa Hermosa's rates:
a) Accommodation outside our Hunting Spots in case our customers want to make tourism in Argentina. Villa Hermosa can organize and hire any tourism service you need in Argentina.

All of our hunting and fishing activities are coordinated by an excellent team of people including guides, bird boys, the "cuereadores" and crawlers, all professionals in their activities. We provide the necessary equipment and our team of professionals help our clients achieve the objectives of their trip.

1) Included in Villa Hermosa's rates:
a) Guide: Hunting (1x1) / Fishing (2x1).
b) Bird Boys
c) Necessary equipment such as blinds, radios, callers, decoys, etc ...
d) Provision of ammunition (upon request)

2. NOT included Villa Hermosa's accommodation:
a) Arms Rental.
b) Cost of ammunition.

Our team prepares all trophies before leaving the Hunting so they are ready for taxidermy. The hides are salted and dried completely and bleached skulls before they are transported to the exporter or taxidermy. This assures our customers that we will provide the best possible experience to ensure that your trophies reach their destination in perfect condition.

1. Included in Villa Hermosa's rates:
a) Preparation of trophies, leaving them ready for export and / or taxidermy.
b) Transport of trophies to the exporter or taxidermist.
c) Assistance in the export of trophies.

2. NOT included in Villa Hermosa's rates:
a) Cost of trophies exportation.
b) Trophies taxidermy

1. Incluided in Villa Hermosa's rates:
a) Assistance in obtaining all licenses and hunting permits and / or fishing.
b) Assistance in obtaining all permits and certificates of their trophies.
c) Assistance in obtaining all licenses and permits for weapons and ammunition.

2. NOT included in Villa Hermosa's rates:
a) Cost of licenses and permits required by national or provincial legislation.
b) Cost of seals, certificates, permits and licenses for export of trophies.