We will assist our clients in all international flights and / or domestic.

International flights to or from Argentina

Depending on the airline and our customers will find class interesting rates. Some of the companies we recommend and their web sites are:

_ United Airlines
_ Continental Airlines
_ American Airlines
_ Delta
_ Lufthansa
_ British Airways
_ Air France

Domestic flights in Argentina

1) Aerolineas Argentinas

Customers should book the flight schedule from your country to arrive to Argentina in the early morning, so you can connect to the final destination the same day. Domestic flights usually take no more than 1.30 hours. Please note that there is no daily domestic flights and times may change according to the provisions of the airline.

2) Charter flights

For our customers choose to book a domestic flight with a private company, Villa Hermosa may make all necessary arrangements. Villa Hermosa has agreements with private airlines and can get very competitive rates to its customers.
Some charter flights can take off from Ezeiza International Airport (where our guests arrive from the outside) so should only take a short shuttle at the airport. Others take off from San Fernando Airport (1 hour land transfer)
The charter flights are more expensive than commercial flights but we believe they are more comfortable, flexible and at the same time enable our customers to have a view of the landscape on its way to the final destination.

The process of introduction of firearms in Argentina is very simple.
Foreign citizens must complete only one form per hunter (in triplicate three arms form) to be submitted to local authorities upon arrival in the international airport in Argentina.
Each hunter must pay the sum of $ 300 Argentine pesos per firearm (approximately U$S 80).
Once you pay the fee and form sealed the hunter is free to continue their journey.
We recommend our customers to fill out the form before departure from their country, and thus save time at the airport of arrival.
A description of the process and official updates of the form can be found at the following web site:

discover buenos aires

On your trip to Argentina, you will spend a day or two in the city of Buenos Aires, famous for its incredible cultural and gastronomic offer.

Museums, cinemas, theaters, shows, tango shows, and casinos shopings, guarantee an unlimited variety of entertainment.
Also enjoy the excellent restaurants of Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires casino and asist to "SeƱor Tango" the greatest show of tango in Buenos Aires.